Preschool Education Business : Leading and Managing

Things can be managed. But people need leadership.
Leadership is not a skill that you can buy and take it from a shelf. Neither it can be inherited from a mother to her child.

Leadership is a skill which we are naturally born with it. Our life experience determine how much this skill transpire in life.

Leading and motivating needs different sets of skills. Most of the time, when you are leading, you will somehow motivate others who are in your line.

I remember that one day, someone came to me and talk about how difficult she need to go through working to supervise a group of people. As I listen to her, I can imagine her situation.

Being a leader is about building relationship and trust. This can’t be done over night.

Teamwork. Clear objectives needed.
Teamwork. Clear objectives needed.

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One need to have enough like ability factor, where others are willing to work with us to reach the goals. Regardless of our race, religion and believes, a leader enable to made people happy and willing to put their effort to reach the objectives set.

1. Listen more to others. Give advise only when asked.

2. Once work is delegated, let the people run and manage the task. Show and coach in areas which we need to work with newbies, especially the non-making decision team. When technical mistakes occur, move on.

3. No critics or comments made and focus on moving forward with improvement with solutions design in mind.

4. Make ourselves easy to please and clear with our objectives. Leave ample room of improvement for everyone.


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