Shifting Customer’s Pride in Education Business

We talk about branding and positioning our service and products most of the time. In education business, especially services related to children’s education, there are still many discussion going on.

Yesterday, I had the chance to sit with some who are active in the business.

“Is branding really important for our parents as customer to choose which school they wanted for their kids?”

I had an answer which was already be part of my script when communicating with business people.

“It depends on the customer segment. There are customers who choose to pick a brand to send their children to schools. It givens many of them the sense of pride being part of the brand.”

Children need good education.
Children need good education.

She continues, “Now, in the case of a new brand and small, can we shift that pride to something which is more valuable, proud enough to be talked to, among each and all our customers?”

Her statement reminded me of an experience where customers are happy with a brand, but do not  talk to each other about the brand.

“Can we have a better user experience that our customers can’t resist to talk about it?”, she continues.

What exactly was a pride of a parent to choose a branded school?
+ being part of an elite community
+ being involved in the activities and events organized by the brand
+ being at the higher status

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So, what will be a better potential of shifting parent’s pride from brand to user experience? Valuable experiences become a great ‘user experience’ when:

+ children able to show financial intelligence practices in their daily life and routine activities

+ children behave and speak in such a manner where their native language and culture are preserved

+ children bring home activities, words and wisdom of a higher cultural and social practice which shaped locally.

Now, what is the next challenge?


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