Solutions trough Stories

In education business, stories are among the tools of getting our messages across. Storytelling skills become an important tool when it comes to marketing and copywriting.

One can have ideas, great ideas. Yet, to enable the ideas to be adopted, the engagement to convince best done through story.

The story began when he started to ask my questions one after another.

There was once a man came up and ask me during break in one of my training class. “Madam, how can an education be a business?”

Training Session.
Training Session.

Before answering him, I pause for a while. As I realized, the man who is sitting across the table is much wiser than me in business, I decided to answer a problem by giving a problem through story by questions.

“Sir, do have small children?

Yes. I do.

Do you send him to any class, for specific education purpose.
Well, not yet, She is still small. But, I plan to send her next year when she is 5 years old.

What is your child’s hobby? What activities that she love most?
Oh, she loves drawing! She will not ask for anything else once she has the color pencils with her.

Wonderful! Then, how much do you spend to accommodate her hobby and activities at home?
When the conversation ends in 10 minutes, he has gone through an experience on how one need to manage and control cost involve in one particular area of educating young children.

See, some questions and problems can be solved through questions which lead to a simple plot of stories. Each line will enable one point to connect with another. Some stories will have higher impact when the audience themselves create it.

What questions to be asked?
How to ask the questions?
What respond should I give?
How to respond?

All these will come through a learning process and enhance through experience.


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