Using Children Picture Books for Specific Learning Purposes

A children’s picture book can be used creatively at home and classroom learning.  Most of the time, picture books will not become the attention of many  parents and teachers especially when they found less words in the book.

Picture books meant for children to learn differently and away from an ordinary classroom learning.

Normally, picture books are the choices among many young parents for their preschool children. These books normally suitable to be used for children age 3+ up to 8 years old and depending on the level of language acquisition for  these children.

Below are some tips for us to choose children’s picture books for home and class use:

1. Choose picture books with less than 500 words. Sentence of less than 10 words each is the best for early and emergent readers.


2. Find a book with a suitable size for a specific used.

For individual reading, small size book which can be handled by individual child can be used.

For group reading, big book is more suitable. For a group of 3-5 children, a small book still fine.


3.  Let your child hold the book and see if he can hook at it at least for 15 second. This shows that the book has potential to hook him and he is comfortable with it.


4. Read the book yourself (loud enough for you to hear it) and be aware of your emotions throughout the story.


5. Find out whether the story enable you and your child to explore on different sounds, colours, new knowledge or skills.


6. Allocate enough time for you and your child to choose books in harmony. It should be within your budget and not simply to fulfill the fact of buying books for your children.


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