Is business begins with selling?

When one start to think about business, many will start to find out what to sell.

Then, the questions start to pop-up:

Which product best suit me to sell?
Where can I get that suitable product to sell?
How should I sell it?
Online or offline?

Then, when he starts selling, the cash management become the next big thing. The capital used for stock purchases and sales become mix-up and sometime untraceable. There are times when the amount of items sold not equivalent to the cash collected.

Speak and get paid.
Speak and get paid.

Well, this was my first experience when I started to ‘sell’ during my university years. It was a short but meaningful experience of selling sweets and snacks secretly.

I believe, many young people who wanted to learn how to do business associated the activities mainly with selling. In fact, when I first started to learn how to do business is when I started to offer tutoring service to primary students.

Business can easily begins from what we have. Even when we have a specific skills or knowledge by sharing or teaching others the skills, and get paid for it, our first experience in business begins.

Business can start simply with what we have. Even when one does have nothing physically presence, skills and knowledge of what we have in hand can be great to start off.

Talk to those who have hands on experience in starting up a business. Listen and get their advise while we find out one which most best suit and adaptable for us.


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