Leadership and Likeability.

A young lady came up to me and ask me some questions which I have not answer for long.

Well, the fact remains. Receiving critics and comments are not a pleasing experience. Many even took days to come back after a complaint made.

The question was, “How do I make them like me?”

I said, “Why should you?”

She answered, “So that they will take my instruction.”

Again, I had to take sometime to answer this question. First and foremost, we don’t have to like everyone and make everyone like us.

“You don’t have to like me. I am NOT a Facebook status.” – Anonymous.


Acceptance is important.
Acceptance is important.

To be liked by others can’t be done by paying them either. That is not genuine.

Acceptance is far more important. As we choose with whom we wanted to deal with, whether like it or not, those who focus on the measurable objectives are more successful.

There are different style of management which many people choose. This will normally suit on individuals leadership style too.

Again, as long as what we do is based on the rules, one should be able to accept it.  For young leaders, authority is to be earned. Below are some points to note:

1. Take the lead

Being responsible does not mean to take the blame. It involves ability to take charge of the situation to enable everyone to design the best solutions for any related situations.

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2. Be aware

Being observant need a high level of awareness as a leader. To enable to forecast certain things will need a specific observation skills. Be ready to know what to see and listen.

Little changes could lead to a bigger things.

3. Be an inspiring leader

Motivation need to come from within. It involves environment which relate to the system used in an organization.

Avoid being the source and centre of motivation for others. It is best to have the work, environment and system which enable to motivate people who are in it.

4. Be empowered through responsibilities

Delegation of tasks enable the people to experience  new skills. The ability to explore and be responsible on decision made through related processes can make things better. It will definitely become the source of improvement.


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