Selling Values through How To


Selling services and product could sometime make others move away from us. Any type of products and services need to be sell and marketed well to enable it to reach out to its customers.

However, many who sells the hard way,  made others annoyed with the sales and marketing person. Though the product and service is great, this situation gave a different impact on business.

Nowadays, people look after values rather than the technical product knowledge.

For example, a children’s picture book can be sold to parents, teachers, trainers  and people in the early childhood education business.

Little Froggie Learns to Walk.
Little Froggie Learns to Walk.


But, what values does this book brings?
+ the book is suitable for children age 4-7 years.
+ the book is written in simple english
+ there are repetition of words and phrases which enable children to understand correct sentence structure.
+ it helps children to experience self appreciation

Well, people no longer looking for information about the books. They are more interested on what does the book has to offer.

In latest trend, people wanted to know more on how to use certain service and products to enable them to solve daily issues. This will normally involves items which relates to “how to”.


+ How to use children’s picture book to help children build their self esteem?
+ How to use children’s picture book to introduce early literacy among children?



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