7 things I do to stay on FB

To enable one to continue to survive emotionally on Facebook, one need certain qualities. A friend of mine tell me to ‘get out of Facebook’.

Well, I have  a specific needs to be on FB and at the same time maintaining myself on other platform too.

There are different group of friends and diversified circle of people in each platform. Some of them are more often elsewhere compared to Facebook.

Shared news.
Shared news.

Facebook is known about its ability to connect and reconnect many of us. In fact, it has become a culture in some organization to work on FB to complete their job. Some even hired a special team to manage and conduct marketing activities via FB.

In many case, Fb is not allowed to be used during working hour. In the era where mobile phones with data are widely available, all these is not a problem. People still able to have access on Fb.

There are 7 things which I personally do to ensure that I can survive emotionally on FB.

1.  STOP mind reading  through other people FB status.

2.  Reply to all PM and comments, though it was late. (this was hard)

3. Commit to share new information, with some leisure sharing once a while.

4. Dare to say NO to unnecessary advertisement, group, page invitation and games.

5.  Approved all friends request accept those fishy profile.

6.  Share others needs and request (which necessary such as for charity works) and prayers.

7. Keep calm and do not respond to any provocative posts.
(this is the most difficult item).

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