ABOUT WRITING : Expectation and Ambition

Life is a journey. Life is a story, when the journey and experienced told to others. Some people share their stories through meetings and over coffee. Some share their stories during their speech or training sessions.

For most people, they write their story. It is not necessary in a specific book to be published, as sometime it always come through social media. Among all, FB and blogs are the choices of many.

However, these days, writing has become more popular. There are huge potential of writing to be commercialized. Ranging from variety of books of all genre for adult, young adult and goes down to books for children.

But, one thing remain in common. CONTENT.

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Content has been used widely in marketing. Same goes with authors all over the world. One content can be expanded into many more and generate more opportunities and potential to grow.

Noraminah Omar

From a novel they created movie. Then move on to merchandising which has its own range. From items which can be sold online, moving on to materials that they can manufactured and sold offline too.

From a story for children, they created animation and later goes beyond the production of its own including mobile apps. They move on into merchandising which range from toys, activity books, souvenir, teaching aids and the list goes on.

One could have a specific niche in writing. But many has the ability to keep in one while moving on with the others.

A business person might be expected to write books about business and management. A mother is expected to write about motherhood and parenting. A teacher is assumed to write on teaching, its pedagogy and philosophy.

Yet, there are some who did things differently. CONTENT has remains to be the same KEY RESOURCES of all the above. It depends on which CONTENT that one decided to leverage and work on.


Personally, my experience in business related very much into children, parenting, teaching and training. Business management is what I like doing and some said what I am good at.

But deep inside, years of experience that hold behind the wall of management is deeply about people. And for that, being a mother, teacher and learning facilitators for teachers and children, one thing remain the same – PEOPLE.

In business, CONTENT sometime goes through documents and system that we set up. It could be a set of a new system or an enhancement of an existing one. It involves other parts of the business as well, marketing.

In business, content used for marketing purposes need to be planned well. Most of the time, we do it with fun, build it and keep it rolling. Somehow, another team will set the tone to get the revenue to come in.

I can see the existence of a huge potential that could make a different in one particular field. CONTENT for children which easily adaptable to many other lives.

How many of us read children books because there is a need for it?
Maybe as a mother, father, teacher or even a volunteer.

How many of us buy children books?
Maybe as a present, gift, token, tools for teaching and parenting.

How many of us buy toys and other merchandise related to children?
Maybe as a gift, birthday present, hampers for children’s programs, tools for conducting activities or even as simple as for a birthday party souvenir.

And in all the above, one word remain constant: CONTENT.

Little Froggie Story

Well, regardless of what you do and the niche of writing that you choose, it is all about your plan. Manage the expectations and move on with your dream.

Happy writing !

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