Why writing?


“You must be found for someone to find you.”

“For others to get to you is easier rather than you try to get to everyone.”

As much as I can remember, I have been exposed to writing and alphabets only at the age of 7 years old.

Now, we can see that young children as early as 2 years old has been given exposure on alphabets and reading materials. To the extent, some mothers has set a specific program for their children to develop listening and reading skills at the early stage.

Yet, many of us seem to forget that writing has become part of our life since then. We write in school, at home to complete homework, to prepare a list of things to buy and even leave a writing note to our parents for pocket money.

Most girls will have a so called ‘diary’ which normally they keep. They write about themselves and what they feel and do almost everyday. Nowadays, many is writing it in their personal blog and even on FB and twitter.

Personally, I still appreciate the fact of writing on paper which allows us to be more creative. Yet, the existence of IT can’t be denied. Since then, I had my journal being written in a blog too.

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Why writing?

1. Writing can be a medium of self expression.

2. Your writing can become a supported documents and reference materials for your self or your family in future.

3. Writing with specific content could benefits the readers. Example,  a blog on how to sew a purse enable to help other to learn.

4. Writing keeps one idea flow and move on. It held us to keep on having an active mind.

5. Writing is a perfect activity to improve language skills. Be it English or Malay.

How can I start writing?

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1. Simply write what is close to you. If you think you are very close to parenting, write about it. If you find you are close to cooking, write about it. When you think that what you do is interesting, write it.

2. Write as if “nobody reads it”. Anyway, it is your decision to write. As a start, the activities of writing is far more important. Once the flow and routine has become part of your life, skill in developing and maintaining content comes easy.

3. Be honest, enjoy of what you do and write. When you write about what you think, it is an original content and it comes from you. Feel free to express and enjoy the whole process of learning.

4. Set your blog, or FB status to yourself (NOT public) if you are NOT ready. Get someone close to you who has the skills to assist, at least for the first 3 months of first writing attempt. You might want him to give feedback and comments. Learn and you move on.

Noraminah Omar

Well, why writing?

Find the answer yourself, to your own question.

Let’s write!

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