What makes me once venture into a preschool business?

I was graduated ‘officially’ in 2001, a year later from all my friends of the same batch. However, in year 1999 I had started working as a part-time home tutor while studying.

In year 2000, upon completion all assignments, I had myself into a teaching profession in an IT private institution which provides classes for children aged 4 – 12 years old.

As a young graduated woman (I should say ‘girl’ instead), I was eager to find a good job. Of course I wanted to make some big money after studying hard (really hard) for 4 years.

Yet, I was somehow end up in education line. Later I found out that teaching was what I am good at.

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My first business attempt was in year 2005 and it took off only in 2007.

Well, what exactly makes me venture into preschool business?

Noraminah Omar


1. I was not happy with my current situation.
2. I wanted to challenge myself.
3. I wanted to be in charged.
4. I wanted to ‘have something on my own’.
5. I wanted to make more money.



I was advised by many, though …

1. When you own a business, it will just makes you busy.
2. You will get tired of challenges that come from the people; customers and staff.
3. You will be in-charged of everything and must know about everything.
4. Yes, you have to own the business.
5. No, in education industry, you can’t make that money. Education means you have to educate others.

As I went through the process, I found out many that I never thought of before.

1. Happiness does not relate to business.
You can be happy even if you do not own a business. Happy is simply a choice that we make.

2. Self challenges can be created.
Challenges are everywhere and everyone face them.

3. Being responsible and take charge of what we do, is what makes the difference.

4.  Collaboration is what people do in business.
Ownership does not determine the result.
Actionable knowledge and a pool of talents with related skills is.

5. Making money is the OBJECTIVE of a business entity.
Educating others, helping the community, providing jobs, paying zakat and tax, are among the RESPONSIBILITY of a business entity.

Well, I am still a teacher by profession.Some called me a trainer. Some called me as their business consultant and some just simply be friends and share information.

In the next post, I will be sharing on what makes me go for volume in business.

I am working on a new project of collecting 99 questions and concerns in education business management (preschools, kindergartens, child enrichment centers and alike).

Find out more HERE.

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2 thoughts on “What makes me once venture into a preschool business?”

  1. Puan, saya kini sedang bekerja di sektor awam. Lama telah menyimpan angan-angan dan angan-angan tersebut makin kuat tahun ini untuk membuka tadika. Saya telah hadir ke taklimat tadika dan dari segi modal, insya-Allah saya rasa tiada masalah. Mohon nasihat puan dalam perkara ini dari segi peluang dan cabaran. Saya berhajat untuk berhenti kerja dan ingin bekerja sendiri.

    Terima kasih atas perkongsian puan.

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