Storytelling : Education and Business Perspective

Storytelling has become a great discussion topics among adults. It involves those in education industry and business.

In education, storytelling mainly used for a specific learning purposes which include:

+ language development
+ socio emotional development
+ listening skills
+ communication skills
+ moral lessons

In business, it always related to:

+ marketing
+ content marketing
+ sales techniques
+ tribe engagement

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Finger Play; MICF Kota Buku Activity Corner, November 2013
Storytelling for children for a specific purposes needs specific sets of skills. Different style and techniques are used for business with adult as the audience.


Well, what makes storytelling skills in education creates a specific difference when it comes into business application?

All stories has a specific objectives to be told to others for a specific impact or result. Even in education setting, stories are meant for the listeners to decide and  be convinced to make certain decision.

I would describe story as :

A tool to send out the right message for a specific action to be taken.

Basically, there are some basic essence of storytelling in all industries which must be available to reach the objective.

A story must be able to have impact to the listeners. Therefore, it normally needs to be:

+ engaging
+ relates
+ message (value from the story) received consciously
+ ways/ideas for solutions
+ thrust to take action

Training Session.
Stories are also used in training sessions.

Attending a storytelling workshops for children enable business people to enjoy learning the skills in a very relax and enjoyable way.

Applying it in business will need one to be wise to adapt and adopt.
Share your stories. Change someone’s life today.

Happy tellings everyone!

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