Storytelling : Giving hope and telling the truth

In developing stories, there is a specific objective that must be reached. Each story is planned with certain content which involve:

+ character : protagonist and antagonist
+ situation
+ storyline
+ plot
+ ending

Through stories, life experience and values are among the main content delivered to the readers.

For example, in real life death is a fact. Everyone and everything that lives, will die one day.

Through a story, how would you send this message to the children?
At which stage do you think that such story dan be shared with them?
Should a story for a child written from an adult perspective by showing our expectation?
OR should a story be from a child’s perspective that could relate to them personally?


Yes, a story should encourage, giving hope and have a happy ending to build children’s positive emotions.

How could one, change a storyline to guide children to be able to accept facts in life and yet be happy and living life with hope?

Hope is what we expect.
What we expect lead us to work towards it.
It becomes our prayer.

Read to our child stories which we find best for our child, even if it is not for us.

To hope is to expect.

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