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Most of us normally talk about life, past and current for certain reasons. Many thought that it could be the best way of ‘letting go’.

Hurt and betrayed was among the most painful stories that many has shared with each other. Though mistakes were forgiven, the emotions remain.

Yet, most of us are still clinging to listen to good news. We wanted to be happy as how others are happy about their life. we would love to end every stories with total happiness.

We wanted to be inspired, so we wanted to listen on the positive and success stories.

Well, some people would dare to share the ugliest part of their stories…also for certain reasons. Some may think that it could be the best way for others to be careful and prepared.

Yes, there are mistakes and the wrong path taken, and we wanted others not to fall on the same situation.

Experience is one. Bad experience is another.

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As each and one of us is unique. Many tricks and ways of doing things are different from one another. Lessons can be learned from each other, but only works in certain condition.

This is where most people lost when they wanted to find people who can inspire them.  At the end, many lost in the world of inspiration and great ideas.

Without knowing, they are drowning in someone else’s dreams. They sleep in someone else’s bed. And when it is too late, they realised that they should have gone out, long before daylight.

Have you found your self?

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