Writing and Independence

Independence day. It has different meaning with different perspective for different generation. What remain the same is the facts and the stories.

As a mother, I observed how my children learn about independence. From classes and activities that they attend in school, I understand on what they understood about independence.

For my children, independence merely an educational meaning that they can retell from what they listen.

How about us, growing adults?
What independence means to us?

In my writing journey, I seek independence through 3 things:
+ consistency
+ authenticness
+ uniqueness


As were reading an article, I understand that these 3 things must be in ourselves. Many talk about the importance of success in life. Yet, it has different meaning for many people. What we believe to be true might not right for others.

Being independence has brought many discussions. Be it a casual talk or a serious debate, it will never an ending. It is very subjective, yet we need to be objective in order to achieve it.

As a mother who writes, I have different way of expressing independence.

  • Independence merely comes when we have the ability to catch up with time which lead to ability of disciplining own self and be consistent in writing.
  • Reality in life and what is real is the choice of a writer to be independence. We write what is true. People wanted to read and listen to stories which has similarity and in line with their life, or at least with the reality of people around us.

Writing such content will need one to be very tactful and creative                                            enough. Skills and talent are the best ingredients.

  • Being our true self is not as easy as what people thought. Still, that it what important to be out there as the best of ourselves. Being true about ourselves is not enough unless and until we become the best of ourselves.

Be independent.
Happy independence day!

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