Customer Service : Attention

In any situation, there is always a solution and way out for it. It either continue doing the same thing, improvise or simply stop doing what we are doing now.

It is a normal process of business management to encounter feedback and complaints. Most of the time, our customers simply want things to be better.

In education business, customer service is one major area which need to be given the right attention. Regardless in which point of supply chain that we appear, the needs are equally important.

Being patience and able to handle situation tactfully is a lesson to be learned by everyone in business. To sustain and survive, the ability to maintain and make changes is a necessity.

Many are discussing about the importance of acquiring skills in language and communication. Still, the ability to handle situation and giving the right attention to the right details are important too.

Basic things apply when we speak about patience in business:

+ To delay judgement.
Wait. Hold on. What we see and hear, is not everything. The truth is beyond what we see and hear.

Be patient. Give enough time to ourselves and the customers to find the right mode of working together.

+ Listen more. Keep our argument.
Note down all important details. Though some points are inaccurate, hold on. Let the other party speaks at ease without interruption.

+ Find out the real issues.
There are always the real issue behind each situation. Discuss it with our team if we have difficulty to find one.

Unhappy customer may say and do a lot of things, but with one action, it actually solves them all.

An unhappy customer may say that he not happy with our design, but the real issue is what they want. They might simply want to see 3 options of designs at one go.

+ Take time to think and find out the best answer or solution.
Ask for sometime before coming up with ideas and solution if the scenario is new or unique. Share existing situation and how normally a similar issue is being tackled.

Ask for his thoughts and idea if any. Cherish the idea, though it might not suitable to be done.

+ Practice PDCA.
Plan on solution – develop it  – check on result by testing – asses and evaluate. Repeat the process.

The ability to stay calm and be rationale, enable one to be at ease with less stress when it comes to giving the right attention to our customers.

Customer service is about giving the attention to the right issues.

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