As parents, our children’s education will become the most important thing in our list. As early as 3 years old, many children have been attending classes and learning sessions.

Many advise were given to parents on how to choose a preschool centre for their children. Be it a kindergarten, language centre, enrichment centre or a private learning session, parents are looking for the best education for their children.

One of the most important advises is to ensure that the owner or operator of the centre is not only a businessperson, but someone who is passionate about education.

Yet, not many share advise on how to observe and find an indicator of a passionate businessman in a preschool business.

Below are some of the tips to be shared. A passionate business owner of kindergarten or any type of learning centres for young children will:

1.     Prepare a well-planned business model for the centre.

a.     A business without a specific business plan will not be managed well.

b.     Questions which can be asked, includes:

i.     Is this a franchise outlet, license or branch?

ii.     What brand are you using for your school?

iii.     What type of program do you use in class?

There is no right or wrong answer. But, a well managed business will ensure that the customers (we as parents) and the children will be rest assured to receive a well planned treatment as a student in the centre.

A passionate preschool business owner will plan his business so much so to ensure that the service rendered will last for long.

A business needs a plan to be successful.


2.     Invest in system and facilities for the business.

a. A business which is not having any system (regardless of the standard) will not able to deliver a good standard of teaching and learning environment.

For example: In the era of technology, a preschool centre will at least have a computer or laptop in the school.

b.     A business, which is well managed, will need a system which not necessarily ‘look and sound expensive’. There should be a system as simple as to monitor the children’s progress.

c.      Visit and view all the facilities in the centre, especially the toilets and classroom. If a centre does not even able to maintain their toilet, how could they spend for our children’s learning?


A passionate preschool business owner is willing to spend and invest in system and facility, to ensure the process and procedures in managing the children is well cared for.

It shows that he is also concern and care for their staff’s productivity.


3.     Applying a specific SOP in the business operation.

Find out how do they manage the centre. Ask some questions such as:

i.     How do I make payment?

ii.     If I have any concern and message to the class teacher, what should I do?

There is no right or wrong SOP as it is prepared based on the needs of each preschool.

A passionate preschool business owner will have a specific SOP to ensure that the flow of the school is in a good hand even when he is not around.

This will also help the children and parents of the school able to manage their own expectations.

 4.     Have a specific on-going development program for the teaching team.

Find out about any training and enhancement program for the staff. Ask questions such as:

i.     How many staff are there in the school and what is the ratio like?

ii.     Do you close your school for teachers training? How often?

A passionate preschool business owner understands that teachers are the most important person in school and the children are their main concern.

He believes in people and the importance of developing their people for the benefit of the children. Regardless of the qualification, teachers must continue learning to be able to handle the children in school confidently and at ease.


5.     Arrange for a variety of programs with eclectic approach for the children.

Find out about all programs offered and the curriculum.

A passionate preschool business owner understands that children are unique. They need different approach and program which able to suit different types of learning.

He believes, one size does not fit all.


6.     Able to set specific rules even for their most loyal customer.

Any institution must have rules and regulation or terms and condition in their management.

Find out any, as if there are none, we might wonder the ability of the management team of the school. This will reflect on the service rendered to the customers.

For example, they have such rules where they fix the time to close the school gate on certain hour.

A passionate preschool business owner is a person who knows how to be firm yet maintaining respect for others.

He believes that only with clear guidelines, information and communication, will a school be able to be managed well.


7.     Provide a wide range of learning tools.

A learning centre for children should be rich with learning tools. Toys, balls, storybooks, art and craft materials, stationery and other related materials should be easily found.

Visit their classrooms and asked them, as sometime they have a special room to keep all these stuff.

A passionate preschool business owner will understand the needs of young children. He believes in teaching and learning philosophy which includes nurture and nature in the process.


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