4 Classroom’s Concepts used in Writing Story for Children

This is another story, which was shared earlier on another platform.

As an early childhood educator, we believe that children are unique. This is the most challenging part for an educator and teacher in a class.

To ensure that all children who come from different background, upbringing and even for some, they speak different languages!

In some cases, there are children who speak more than 2 languages as they have another dialect they use to speak at home.

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These differences made them unique in their way or learning and their level of acceptance towards newness.

Well, it is quite similar when a story is being tried to reach out to any child. There are some basic things which generally are more likely remain the same for many children.

Below are some of it:

1. Children need to be at ease and comfortable to start off with something. Mind and mood, need to be set right.

+ in class, they have introduction routine.
+ for books, they need an introduction page or part.

2. Children need to be introduced with something simple and familiar before giving something more complex and new.

+ in class, they will be given easy questions, activities and exercise
+ for books, they need something more relax and easy to understand.

3. Children learn at a different pace. Some fast and some need more time.

+ in class, they will be given additional pre-prepared activities when they finish early
+ for books, they need to be given more illustrations as a clue and imagination to settle with what they don’t quite understand before moving on.

4. Children need assurance that they are accepted and always be safe.

+ in class, they will be given encouragement such as clap, praises and stickers as reward.
+ for books, they need to be given freedom to explore, imagine where there is no right and wrong answer.

Yes, regardless where we are, an educator will always have a strong hold on what they believe.

Let our children be what they meant to be!

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