The Company and You

November is among the busiest month of the year. Year 2014 is a year where new things planned and executed. It is  of course, a long and tiring journey. Still a marathon, though.

Being in business need one to be prepared beyond his own expectations. Expecting the worst enable him to prepare for the best. Many thought that having good products is enough to be successful.

In many situations, good product without having much exposure and placement (channel) receive the same treatment as a bad one.

When it comes into business services, similar situations normally occurs. Yet, the perception of having a good brand name with a good service still accepted widely. Many had offered good service, even without brand. Later, the need of building the brand name comes naturally.

In our business, what kind of situation is it now?
Is our business relate to our good reputation or otherwise?

I remembered in year 2011 when I was actively engaged with a preschool business, some situation occurs.

+ A contractor searched for the company information before agreeing to accept the job given
+ Parents went to SSM to check on the company and find out who is the major share holder and people being responsible for the company
+ Customers were searching in google to find out information about the people in the business and the business entity
+ Banks were automatically searching for the director’s name and background via CCRIS and CTOS for banking facility purposes

At that time, I did not realised how important it is to have a good personal reputation, to be in business.

It is important to be accepted to be the right person in such situation. In business, having a clean financial record and accepted financial history relates strongly with the process of company building.

There is always a game for any type of field. Business is also another game.
Company building?

The rules must be learned, in order to play the game well.

See you on December 21st, for a sharing session organised by ABS.
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