The real challenge for our future generation : CULTURE

Many are discussing on how would the future be for our children. Be it in terms of social status and financial issues related, both are among the focus and topic of discussion during most of the time.

We, especially those who are parents, have to start planning and thinking on how to be financially stable with the children along. We do worry about the kind of education could we provide for our children.

Later, we always concern about each and single cents that we spend on the children’s education which ones together with their cost of living.

Well, financial and the latest social issues are something definite for many of us. However, what exactly is the real challenge for our future generation, and even now?

There is one, that we can make the difference from home.

Building the right culture in our society will need a start from an institution called ‘family’.

Therefore, our culture and how we behave is normally come from home. If it is not strong enough, our children will embrace another culture which created by their peer group.

How can we start building the right culture from home?

1. Speak in a proper language of which is the most used.

Be it bahasa Melayu, English or any other languages, the right sentences and pronunciation should be practised.  It might not need to be sounded like the one in books, but it should be a full sentence with the standard structure that we use for our daily conversation.

The more good words and phrases used, the better will the children become in vocabulary building process.

2.  Read with our children consistently.

Reading is an action. It builds to become a habit when it become routine. Spend at least 30 minutes a week to read books to our children, even though they can read it by themselves.

Let them listen and watch on how you pronounce and express each word and sentence. This way, those children who can read, will be able to be a better reader, while those who need more practice, will be able to learn better through example and observation.

3. Speak to our children. Explain, ask questions and wait for their answers.

As our children listen to the sentences and words that we used, they will pick up new vocabulary as well as new skills in speaking.

They will observe when you pause, act with your hands, your body positioning and finding where they can fit into that style of yours.

Though all these processes are not visible, it does happens in each and every child in a place called ‘home’.

We need to build a good culture for our children to survive in future:

+ using good words in communication

+ able to understand manners and have gone through experience in the local community

+ reading books to children more often.

Culture is communicated through language.

What language are we speaking with and what culture do we embrace now? Does it fit each other?

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