Position and It’s Politic

We manage things.
We lead people.

One of the two lines quote that I read a few years back still ringing into my ears. Well, this is true. When I was asked to write on general management, I realised it has become a politic content.

How could that be?

As I had my lunch today, the Chairman of the company said, “Once we hold a position, automatically we involve in politics. In our case, it is a business politics.”

As we sat together, all of us were holding back some stories of the ups and downs of holding our position in the company.

Well, the discussion went on.

“As someone with a position it becomes our responsibility to take good care of our business, the company. It belongs to the people in the company. It also reflects the name of our brand. It involves the trust that we build among our partners.”

It was a deep discussion that we never planned as she continued, “Holding a position also mean we are alerting go some of our rights. The right to be emotional, has no longer exist. The right to be ‘truly who you are’ will slowly diminish.”

As the three of look into her eyes, we wonder how could she herself go through all the challenges of becoming one. Leading a group of people while maintaining her own emotions.

Then, one of us said, “Puan, I found it so difficult to handle. Can you conduct a slot for training program. A leadership training program, maybe?”

As she looked at us seriously, she continued her sentence.

“It is normal to feel in the way that you feel now. But, what you did before, was not practically appropriate.

This is what we called mentoring. These skills can’t be trained just like that. As it happened, it become a teachable moment for all of us. If it does not, we don’t have to worry about it.

Just remember. We are not alone. We work together in a team. Delegate the work effectively. What had happened, it become the past. Move on. Be wise. Take care of the good names of everyone. Our partners, those who had become one and those who are not.”

It was clear and slow enough for all of us to swallow. Easier that the plate of food that we just ate.

I said it again to myself.
“Yes. Holding a position brings a whole lot of simple yet heavy responsibility.I have to take care of the good names of everyone.My partners, those who had become one and those who are not.”

The food for thought, was heavy enough that I myself was about to order another glass of orange juice


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