Life is a story. Craft one.

Day by day, week by week, month by month…and the counting goes on. Life is full of events. There are some which we called as ‘routine’ and some we called as ‘planned activities’.

Well, at least these are my definition. 🙂

Many thought that story belongs to those who can tell and create a good one. Actually, each of us is a ‘storyteller’ by nature.

As we talk, we tell. As we tell, we craft the way we say it.

MICF 2014 Noraminah Omar
Me at Little Froggie booth MICF 2014

It goes the same as I am writing on this page. It is a story by itself. Some of my friends asked me, “How to tell good stories? I want to tell stories like you do.”

Then I realised one thing. And I said to her, “You are already telling me your stories for the past 3 hours. See, I keep listening to you. It means, you are even much better than me!”

And she laughed and giggled throughout the rest of our conversation.

Yes!  Each of us is a storyteller. We just need a little spices here and there. Add a few more pinch of salt and sugar.

There are many styles of storytelling out there. We might need to take sometime to figure out, which one is the most comfortable and suitable for us.

The story is there, as long we are alive. Craft it freely, tactfully. Learn from mistakes. Improve. Move on. Enjoy every moment of it.



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