Losing Your Rights and Privacy?

Social media is a great platform for many purpose. Could it be for personal and business, it works wonders for almost everyone.

It depends on your location, which will determine the culture and guide you through the process of developing the content that you planned.

From personal branding to business development, social media has been given recognition for contributing to their success.

Nonetheless, there are always the ugly part of everything that looks and sounds good.

Somehow, there are situations where we should not ask from someone’s else right, for own benefit and satisfaction.

+ A friend has the right to say NO
+ A mother has the right to have time for herself
+ A father has the right to be listened and respected at home
+ A worker has the right to be given the right pay and renumeration for what they do

Social media somehow, has made many of us lost the so called ‘rights’. For some reason, our appearance in social media does not allow us to practice what is right to us.

Still, it depend greatly on how we plan our work and what we share on the social media. For specific business purposes, there are many in the list that made us ‘lost our rights and privacy’.

+ We must show the positive emotion to create image and personal branding to tally with our business situation

+ We must write and speak the way of what our followers, fans, partners and even subordinate, to maintain their inner trust and motivation

+ We need to sacrifice much of our time for personal interest, hobbies and leisure time, though we will, still have time for it.

+ We need to be strong, stronger than what we are for others to be even stronger.

We no longer have the rights to freely and openly share our opinion which could bring ‘sentiment’ in public, though we know that we have the right to say so.

Even to the extent, we can be questioned on what we wear, what we eat, which status that we like and who that we tag.

Some will simply question our action on FB such as:
“Why you did not tag me in your post?”
“Why you like his post?”

And it creates even more disheartening situation when you know that it is definitely your personal right to tag, like or even write your status the way that you wanted.

Ironic, isn’t it?

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