A Simple Real Life

Exams were among the events in my life, which had become one of a great compelling reasons for me study. During those days, it seems that exams were the only way to determine the purpose of study.

Yes. Work hard. Choose a ‘sexy’ faculty. Study. Score. Get good grades. Get good job. Get high salary. Well, at least those days are more likely to be a race and challenges to be completed.

Now, as time flies, with family and with our own children around, things change too. The needs of having high qualification, is not the only factor to become successful.

Debates and discussion are everywhere. Social media makes it easier for parents to express and share their concerns.

As for me, I was not a great students those days. Many called me as ‘jaguh kampung’. A person who only wins his game on his own field. Still, my personal educational experience journey was lucky, I guess.

Anak menulis

Whatever the case was, one thing remain the same. Education alone is not enough. It need to come what it takes, to make us ‘the right one’.

In real life, every parents want to see their children ‘successful’. Very subjective. Basically, a child should grow, have a great job with salary, enough for his own living, to start with his own family. — This is very basic.

Every parents aimed for their children to be able to survive and able to manage themselves, building their own family. Which means, they need to make their own money for their own living.  Sounds simple?

Yet, what do our children need the most, in these coming year approaching 2020?

Beyond education and qualification, it always something that each of us need to be successful in what we do.

Become a doctor? An engineer? A teacher? A hairdresser? A Chef? A photographer? A salesman?


“Our children simply need to have, what it takes to be one!”


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