First Time : Story and Perception

When we first started our day in school, we had different experience. Some easily adapted with others, while some were struggling to handle own emotion.

As we observe our young children going to their first year of preschool, or attending to their first day of schooling, we will see different experience too.

Even we ourselves as mother and father, will have different emotional experience.

It is normally similar for any situation which occur as the first time in our life. Having first child, going for first day of a new job and so many other events in life which we need to encounter as our ‘first time’.

Most of the time, not many had a great story to tell for whatever that do at the first time. It normally comes with tears and sad stories.


Yet, many who are successful in their first attempt, are those who are  able to manage their risk of failure.


+ They learn the theory part, they read and they research

+ They speak to those who had experienced

+ They listen to both success and failure stories

There are many stories untold by those who had the experience. It depends on us to have the wisdom to ask the right question to the right people at the right time.

Some people listen and speak to people who give only 99 pieces of the real complete puzzle.

That what makes them to have a difference of 1% inaccurate perception from the reality. It does make the different.

Listen to more stories. Balance with tears and laughter.

Get a balance and more accurate information to build the right perception.




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