Living in a world full of creators.

We love creations. We do create something every day. Either it is something new or an improvisation of what is already available, we do create.

Sometime we create a new way of cooking a similar dish.

We create a new style of putting our scarf.

We create a new route going to work.

We create new routine after office hour.

We create new network among friends.

Well, we do create.

In many ways, we might not realized that we do create things (or ways of doing things) based on what we belief. At the same time, it reflects our values.

Those who admire arts and value it, normally create something, which will appreciate art by itself.

They believe, art is the essence of a lively life.
Those who are conscious about time, normally tend to create something, which reduce and enrich time consumption.

They believe, time is the key to success.


Those who are concern about their health will tend to create something, which relate to healthy diet, fitness and wellness.

They believe, being healthy is the ultimate aim.


Then, in the process of creating, what is your value?

Will the existing creation and what is available around us, made what we value in life change?

Will it later, change our belief?


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