Making a new Decision : Finding a Way Out

I had once lost in a shopping mall while carrying my 2 months going-to-be-born baby. It was an experience which I can’t recall why would I forgot where did I park my car.

Well, it was 12 years ago in the closest shopping mall to my home. Coming home after work with my stepson who was only 4 years old at that time, we decided to drop by to the nearest mall. It was the normal, usual, weekly shopping place for our family.

Upon exiting the mall, entering the car park, I realized that “it was not the same’ place as I entered to park my car. I held my son’s hand and make at least 3 rounds at the same level to find my car.

Then, we move down to the lower level as I thought that I might be at the wrong level. Up to the second round, my son said softly, ”Mom, can we take a taxi home?”

I looked at him and I know that he was tired. I said, “Nobody will get our car later. Wait, let us find it together.” He nodded slowly and I know he was trying his best to say yes to me.

I then brought my son to move back in the mall. We found exactly the door that we entered earlier. There was a nice bench nearby and I asked him to sit with me. I said, “Let’s take a rest for a while. “ I smiled, though I know he was tired and don’t bother to smile back to me.

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breathe in. I was tired. My feet hurt. I can feel my baby moved. I can see how tired my son was at that time. We both were just came back from school and yet to get any rest.

At that time, I was not sure exactly what was happened. But, I remember that I was calm and more relaxed. I offered my son some drink and he willingly took it without much questions.

As I watched people passing by, I remembered that I was smiling as I trying myself to be as calm as possible. When I found myself ready, I said to my son, “I think we can move now. Let’s find the car.”

Somehow, we walked to the way as we entered and in a few seconds we found ourselves in our car.

Truly, I can’t remember why I forgot where I parked and how could possibly I found it later.

Most importantly, I remembered how diligent my son holding my hands. I remembered how easy it was to remember and make new decision when I was in a calm and stable state.

Finding a way out could be a hard time for some of us. Though the place, situation and circumstances seem to be ordinary (nothing unusual about it), we can be lost and stuck in the middle of our way trying to get out.

Be calm.

Accept the fact of the situation that we face.

Think of the best way out.

Make decision and take necessary action.


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