What is our sharing lesson?

It becomes a trend to hit ‘share’ button on any social media platform. It is available in most platforms while different terms and icons are used. Well, people always say, “Sharing is caring.”
But, what will you share?

What exactly share means to us?

Still, in general, we do share to benefit others while keeping ourselves to be treated fair.

When we talk about sharing, in relates closely with another word, ‘privacy’.

How far do we share that we can ensure our privacy is protected?

Once my daughter said to me, “Mom, sharing is caring.” Later, she was asking me to share my pizza with her.

It was OK. But, I realized that I have to ensure that she understands the true concept of sharing.

Share can only happened when it is permissible. Share needs to be done in proper manner to keep everyone in harmony.

Through social media, people share:

+ photos
+ information
+ facts
+ ideas
+ news
+ stories
…. and the list goes on.


Sharing will be more beneficial when it:

+ inspires others
+ changes people life (into something better)
+ encourages other
+ enriching lives
+ makes people happy
+ invite new thoughts and idea
… and the list goes on.

I did ask my children to ‘share’ a lot of things. But, there are also times and things that they can’t share with others.

When it relates to personal matters, “Talk to me first. Tell me and I will help you.”
When it comes to technical matters, “You can share with your friends in class or ask your teachers immediately.”

At the end of the day, they agreed that what they share need to have the right basis. There are many things that we keep to ourselves, and there are much more that we can share with others.

Even among the siblings, boys and girls can’t share everything.

Being a mother who lives in a house with 6 other children ranging from teenager to preschoolers, it becomes a challenge for me to maintain the ‘sharing’ culture in harmony.

Getting them to understand about sharing is an interesting journey.

Sharing does not necessary makes everyone and everything equals.

It rather makes everyone receive what he needs.


My daughters might need more dress, and the boys need more pants.
My teenage son might need more toiletries compared to my little girls.
He might need more expensive reference books compared to cheaper sets of exercise books for the younger ones.

As a mother, I need to share the resources that I have, fairly and not necessary the same for each and every one of them.

Sharing the same resources is another lesson to be learnt.
The best lessons come from HOME.

We as mothers (fathers), become the important resources to be shared, with the people in our ‘home’.

Sharing is about agreeing to give what others need, within our capacity, while keeping everyone in harmony. It gives benefit to others, while maintaining privacy and our own rights.


So, what is your ‘sharing’ story?


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