Planning to Change, Change to Plan

Many of us do have plan. In fact, we plan it so well that we seem to be able to achieve what we have planned. Later, we realized that things become so much easy that we don’t really have to plan.

There is nothing much to think about, no worries at all. It is so simple that everything is at our fingertips.

Have you experienced this before?

It makes sense that when things become so familiar to us, it is just a piece of cake to be completed. We become an expert in the particular field as we do it almost 100 thousands time. We understand the flow and the system so well that we become the expert in the particular area of usage.

In many situations, as things become so easy, it makes many of us do not see, and forgot to think about “what’s next?”

Usually, those who reach this level will start to think of a new plan.
A plan to move forward. A plan to change.

I remember when my 11 years old daughter asked me one day. She looked confused. She said, “Mom, I received the award for best progressing student. But, why my class level being lowered next year?”

Se looked very sad and confused as she told me the news.

“Well, that’s a good sign.”


“Yes, it means that many more of your friends are also progressing well. Just like you. You made changes to your marks and your friend make changes in their grades.”

“Oh…so, it is alright for me to be sent to a lower level class?”

“Look. What is more important now is the change that you have made to your achievement. Either a lower or a higher class, will that stop you from making more progress and achievement?”

“Er… I guess not.”

After the conversation, I saw her smiling and I know that she felt relieved.

As a mother, we need to celebrate little changes that our children made. It is their plan that makes the change work. It is the change of plan that makes the different of the result.

When we focus to the changes that we want to make, it normally changes the plan that we prepared. Some would like to focus on the process and some focus on the end result.

Whichever focus we choose to make, it depends on the action plan. As we plan, we will find that we become more focus. Regardless of the challenges and result, we understand that there’s no guarantee for success.

Nonetheless, the possibility to achieve our goal by planning can be increased. When we find that we need to change, it reflects that we have move on. Unless and until we take necessary action on our plan, changes will not be possible.

Therefore, have a plan ready and change it when necessary.

So, what is your situation?

Is it time to change?

Is there any plan for change?

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