Choice and Decision: Ready to take charge?

Recently, I met a friend who came to me and share her current situation. Well, basically it is about a dilemma. I guess many of us had the same experience. Let me share with you the story.

My friend is an educated lady. She got a better opportunity, even much better that what I had. She got the chance to further her study abroad while I simply started my after graduate life as a preschool teacher.

After years of her study, she came back but decided not to pursue her field of study due to some family and relatively personal situation. As usual, she becomes the home manager which is the busiest job one can have.

With 3 kids and a husband who go out to work everyday, she lives a happy life. Until one day, she decided to venture into something new. That is when she called me up for a meeting.

The dilemma?

Simply because she wanted to start a kindergarten business and her family and in-laws are against the idea.

“What? A kindergarten? Why don’t you start a better business?”
“Seriously? It doesn’t sound like you!”

Those are among the comment that she received. So, she purposely wanted to meet me to get second opinion, she said.

“Do you have any specific plan?” I asked her as I had myself sitting comfortably in front of her.

“Yes, I do. I will find a suitable kindergarten program to start with. I had saved some amount of money which I believe I can start as my capital.”

“Well, if you had the plan already in mind, I am not the right person to talk to?”


“Yes. I think you should talk to a kindergarten program provider, not me.”

“Oh…actually, I need your opinion. What do you think?”

I smiled. As usual I remember that many of us will normally came across a similar situation. We had the decision in mind, but simply wanted to comfort ourselves by asking others for confirmation and approval.

Why is that so?
Are we looking for another reason not to take charge of our decision?
Are we the kind of decision maker who do not have the confident?
Are we making the decision based on our emotions, which create such uncertainty?

Do we really know what we are getting into?

First of all, getting and looking for advise is when a decision is not made. Once we decided of something, we normally tend to find a way to listen only to what we wanted to hear. This will make the situation even worst.

Second, the more we asked people around about the decision that we have made, the worst it become. It diverts our focus on the implementation into searching for reasons and excuses.

Third, it does not help us building the right self-confidence at all!

Finally, we are simply putting ourselves into trouble, which most of the time does not even exist.

Instead of reaching towards success and focusing on what works, we are making our negative imagination become a reality.

Do our homework.
Get the right information.
Make the decision.
Ready to make it work.
Take charge!

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