Storybooks in Classroom

In a formal and structured learning environment, books are selected for specific learning purposes.


Most of the time, it will need to relate to the content in each component and subject taught in the class. It includes basic component such as:

  1. Language development
  2. Social and emotional development
  3. Science and exploration
  4. Geography and history
  5. Critical thinking and problem solving
  6. Other areas


In a class, a teacher normally will consider some criteria in choosing the books.

Noraminah Omar



Some criteria includes:


 1. Gender preference

Books for boys are mainly on topics such as:

  • Vehicle
  • Construction and building
  • Dinosours and other wild animals
  • Number and fact based
  • Books with ‘tough’ look and feel at the cover


Books for girls are mainly on topics such as:

  • Dolls, cooking and kitchen
  • Animals and pets
  • Family related stories
  • Flowers, clothings
  • Books with normally pink and soft in colour


2. Topic in the year curriculum

Every year, school will normally have minimum of 10 selected topics that they choose as a focus theme of the year.

It revolves around, self, family, hobby, occupations, places, community, country, world around us, basic science with nature and many more.


3. The latest trend in the year

Example :

There was once a movie about a young fish ‘NEMO’ was launched, all related stories and books had become among the favorite subjects among the children.


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