My daily life revolves among my family, friends and the community. Still, what happened in my house is the closest to my memory and heart above all.

I remembered how my daughter was whining about her tuition class. This class specifically arranged by her school for the students to prepare for a special exam taken by all final year students in primary level before entering secondary level. Here, it is called as UPSR.

One night, she was complaining about how the teachers handle the learning session.

”Mom, why do you need to send me for the tuition class?”

I looked at her, still wondering what exactly she wanted to say.

“Why should I go for such additional class?”she broke into tears.

“Well, if you think you want to stop, it is fine. Tell your teacher that tonight is your last class. You don’t have to attend the class.” I simply answer her without looking as I was about to get angry.

As a mother, I made the best effort in any way to help her, including paying extra for additional class. In a way, I felt a bit uneasy and sad with what she said. I was thinking that the class should be able to help her in her study.


gambar aanak-anak


Later that night, I asked my husband to talk to her, as I know I will not be able to control my anger.

The next day, I saw my husband sitting with her, explaining the basic concept of decimal, and how to use the concept in our daily life, especially when it comes to calculation involving money.

The following day, I asked her again, knowing that I am much better in control of myself.

“So, how was your class?” I asked casually.

“Mom, the teacher in our class showed us a different way to calculate. But, in the tuition class, this teacher shows us something else. I am confused!”

“Then, have you decided about the class?”

She kept quiet, and I continue.

“You see… when the teacher showed us many ways to solve one problem, it means we have more option to choose. That is even better. At the end of the day, they wanted us to find the answer, the solution.

It is still our choice to choose any one of the ways to solve it.

That is something that we need to cherish and be thankful.
There is no need to be stressed out. Take it easy. Choose the best way to get the answer. ”


She smiled. I know that she has closed the case of withdrawing herself from the class.

I realized that our life as an adult is not much different from our children. Sometime, when we find many ways to solve one issue, we become even worst. We find it difficult to make decision to choose.

This could lead us to another stressful situation, which unintentionally created by ourselves.

It would be a good idea to take a day or two, and talk to other people to get new insights and ideas. Find out new opinion of others, while keeping our own judgment to ourselves.

When we come into a situation, delaying our judgment is an option.

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