I remember once when I was talking to a few friends over lunch. One of the girl at the table said, “You know, I am not happy with some interview questions that posted to us ladies who are in business.”

“Oh, what about it?” I asked spontaneously.

“You see, they always thought that those ladies who ventured into business are only ladies with problems.” She continued.

“Really?” another girl at the end of the table suddenly raised her voice. All of us started to give full attention to what our friend going to say next.

“Many shared stories about ladies who are in business, and become successful in what they do because of their bad experience in life. Many were highlighted as widow, divorcee or even those who were cheated or being manipulated in some ways.

They always make stories in such that women were driven into business because of poverty, hatred and anger. I don’t agree to that!”

“I got your point.” I said softly as I continue to drink my orange juice, which tasted just nice. Not too sour, not too thick, not too sweet.

She continued before anyone else could say anything.

“I would rather be supportive to stories that share about women who are successful in business not because of their gender. The stories shared should be highlighted more on how do they do it technically.

What are the best practices that they implement in their current venture, and how do they adapt with changes of the economy and the current social development of the community.

I guess, all of us should crafted better stories ourselves. It should no longer focusing on how bad we were before. Sharing of stories should be made for practical sharing.

It must benefit others as they can copy and made it even better. Then only, we can be truly be part of the business circle, not simply stand and taken as fillers or filling in the quota.”

It was a long ‘speech’ that I ever heard over lunch. I don’t know. In a way, I agreed with what she said. And at the same time, I truly understand that the reality for women out there, are basically tough enough to be heard.

I guess, it is true that woman is like a tea bag. We only know how strong it is, until we put it in hot water.
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