Learning through Observation.

I remembered when I was young. I did not go to any kindergarten or any preschool. Those days, I spent most of my time with my mother. Either at home or following her around.

My mother woke up early in the morning. As early as 4.30 am. She started her morning boiling water and cook breakfast. Our breakfast those days was different. I still smell the rice cooked on the hot stove. Stove that used cut woods, burnt and give heat to the food.

It was nice to smell the salted fish which my mother normally fry, added with some chopped chillies. Most of the mornings, rice was eaten either with fried salted fish with chillies or stir fried tapioca also with chillies.

By 5.30 am, food were packed ready for my father who normally need to leave home to work. He cycle everyday, almost 4 miles to his workplace, a palm oil estate. That was also the main reason why my mother always cooked heavy breakfast every morning.

Most of my childhood memories were with my mother, at home and around her daily routine. I hardly hear her complaint about doing the same thing every morning and every day.

There were once, (after I am married) I asked her. “Mom, how could you  be happy that way?”.

She looked at me and said, “Well, because you are there with me. That’s why I did not send you to school.”

I hardly believe about what she said. Until today, I was asking myself. Was that really the reason? I mean for both ; reason for not sending me to school and the reason that made her happy.

Whatever it is, one thing for sure, I learnt a lot through observation, at home.

I observed how:

+ my mother went through her routine without complaining or whining.

+ my mother set her time and routine

+ my mother used everything around home to prepare food on the table without fail.

+ my mother used her skills to create new challenges in life.


In the photo: My mother, Me and my 2 elder sisters.


Above all, I am now able to recall, how my mother used to ‘schooling’ me without having me to go to school.

I wonder what would the memories that I will have and going to have with my own children?

How about you?
What was the most memorable journey you had with your Mother?

Or perhaps the right question is, what will be the most memorable life experience that you plan to have with your children?


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