Self-efficacy – Self readiness: From adult to children.

(this article was extracted from my blog at, posted May 2012.)

Let us learn what Prof. Dr Bustam Kamri said on his post from his blog :

Kecekapan Diri Kanak-Kanak Tatih

Kecekapan Diri (self-efficcacy) adalah salah satu aspek kuasa dan kanak-kanak merasa berkeyakinan diri merupakan sifat yang menonjol semasa peringkat awal usia tatih. Kecekapan diri bermaksud kepercayaan individu terhadap keupayaannya untuk melakukan tingkahlaku.

Kanak-kanak tatih percaya dia boleh melakukan apa sahaja sekurang-kurangnya dia mahu mencuba. Oleh itu, mengapa tidak membenarkan? Kecekapan diri ialah sikap yang ada pada orang dewasa dalam kehidupan kanak-kanak yang perlu dipupuk pada mereka selamanya.

Sepanjang kehidupan terdapat perkara baru untuk dipelajari dan sikap “sudah tentu saya boleh mempelajarinya” akan menjadi harta terbaik.

Posted by Assoc. Prof. Dr Bustam Kamri, (Ed.D.) at 4:56 AM


noraminah omar

Well, as what I would say, self-efficcacay is mainly about believing in ourselves our own ability to do and try to do things. Dr Bustam has put it in a simple words for us to understand.

I would like to share on how his view can be adopted in our daily life in handling our life and our children’s life experience.

“Yes, I can learn something new” attitude is important to be instilled in our children’s mind. I have found some normal situation where this simple thing can takes place in informal learning.


1. Give time, wait. Be patient and set the limit.

Sometime, children need time and some need longer time.

In case of exploring new books, give time four the children to get familiar and comfortable with a new reading materials. Wait, but always encourage him to dare to explore and make mistakes.

Though the books could be at a lower level, try to find something new which could be only a small part in the story. It could just be a different illustrator from the previous book with the same story. Yes, I can learn something new!

A natural environment, such as waiting for your turn when you queue to pay for your grocery will be a great experience. Give yourself time and your children time to relax. Give the other person in front of you time, and wait for your turn.

What can be learnt? Oh, why not just take one item from your trolley and talk about it while waiting? Possible, right? You can also divert our ‘waiting boredom’ by talking about the arrangement of the counter and how many lanes are there. Counting games could take place.

Ask yourself, “Can I learn something new?” and answer yourself with a “Yes!” Let us try new things. Our children need time to learn to be patient and understand it in action.
However, do set certain limit for certain thing.

“Well, I guess the line is too long. Let us see if there is another shorter lane.”
Children will observe and learn from us. They understand that we can wait and give time, but at the same time we look for alternatives in a good manner.


2. Be positive, keep positive. Show by using positive words and good actions.

Positive energy will flow and keep it flowing and our children will be in it.

In some tense situation, we adults tend to make early conclusion and it always become a negative conclusion. Remember no 1, give time and wait. There is always a positive point for us to focus and let our children able to be confident.

If our child need time to be ready to join his friends to play, please give him time. If the children wanted to be messy, put some confidence that he will be able to clean up later. Let them explore and try new things in many ways.

During outdoor activities, be positive that our child will be able to participate and play under the sun in the open field. ”
Avoid giving negative remarks in from of them.

“Oh, it is so sunny, you could faint later.”
“I don’t think you can play, there are too many people here.”
“We can even get a chair to sit on, so uncomfortable.”

Simply remind the children, “If you feel tired, just rest and get some water.”
“I think we shall wait for a while for our turn. Let us watch how others are playing.”
“Wow, isn’t it great if we could just sit on the green grass here?”

By doing this, everyone will be able to have the positive energy keep flowing.
However, if things are not as expected, show good example and be positive to the child. Our child might not able to be a winner.
“Oh, well I think it is fun anyway. We do enjoy ourselves, right?”.

Positive notes and remarks will always help the children to stay calm and develop their confidence in venturing into new experience.


3. Believe and be confident with our child.

As much as we worry about our children, it should not deter them to progress and develop at their own pace. To believe in our children is to believe in ourselves. That could only happened when we have set the right attitude, objectives and necessary preparation has taken place.

We won’t be able to have such confidence if we do not prepare and have confidence in ourselves. It is just a chain of emotions, believes and consequences. Sometimes, as adults, we do not see emotions and intangible matters as a factor. But they do matters.
Little experience and indirect learning process takes place almost all the time in our life.

The children are listening to us, even when they are busy playing with friends.
They here our words and conversation, even when they are watching TV.

They feel our emotions, even if they do not seem to understand what we say.
They can sense our worry and anger, even when we are silent as they just sit quietly next to us.

I believe that all of us created to be good and can always be good. It is about how we choose our path and how strong we hold to our own belief system.

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