My Mother, Me and the Cocoa Beans.

Have you feel tired of waiting for something?
Is there such thing as “worth waiting” for?
Well, this is a story about ‘waiting’, my mother, me and the cocoa beans.

Those days when I was young, my mother used to ask me to go to the shop and sell some dried cocoa beans.

With that, we shall be paid accordingly based on the weight of the cocoa beans. Since the dry beans are lighter, they are normally cheaper.

I asked my mother, “Mother, why don’t you sell it when they are wet? Then they are heavier. We can get more money!”

I remember saying it proudly and with full confidence. My mother sat quietly as she continued to prepare ingredients to cook us lunch.

I have only a bicycle and you only have one. If we send them now, can we both carry them on our bicycle?”
My mother paused.

Yes, I remember how heavy the cocoa beans were as we removed them from the pods.It was wet, sticky and tasted very nice too.

Then, she continued, “Somehow, we can only go and collect the cocoa in the morning.
We can’t get much of them anyway. Furthermore, they ripe at different stage and time. Sometime, we can collect more beans and most of the days, it is very little.”

She stroke my head and continue, “We pick them and dry them under the sun.
Then we keep it clean and safe in big bags. So, when we sell it, we can get more money. We save our time cycling to the shop too!”

I remember how sweet her smile was, with her face wet as she sweat a lot , even while cooking.
Today, I am telling myself again. In life, we have to choose to be patient.

Sometime, we need to wait in order to get something better.
Just like how my mother continued drying the cocoa beans those days.
She kept them ‘accumulated’ and waited long enough to have enough.

“Be patient. Wait. Continue working on it. There are things worth waiting for.”

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