Too many things in mind…

I have many things going in my mind. About life, dream and mostly surviving the days with the best effort that I can.

Being a working mother is as tough as any other woman’s life. Be it a mother at home, daughter, sister, wife and anything else a woman can be.


I believe as you are reading my article your mind is set to find something.

What is in it for me?

Should I really read this or should I stop now?


I take some time to think of what I wanted to write almost everyday. There are days when I do not write and there are hours when I can simply write a thousand words in 15 minutes.


If you are thinking whether I really make money out of writing, well it is not. I would rather say, not yet. I would really love making money out of what I write. Well, I guess…that will be in my wish list.


Anyone can claim that he is a multi-task. Anybody can simply say that he is an expert and even anyone can claim that he is the best of what he is doing. As a mother, we might want to say a lot of things about life and what we feel about ourselves.


Yet, there are more than just concern and worries that clutter our mind. Almost everyday and all the time, the first thing comes to our mind will be our family. Many of us mothers, will stand in the name of family. We stand to protect and make sure that what we wanted for the family is catered for.


I guess, even when we listen to news and stories about women and mothers who abandoned their family, children and husband, we still believe that there is something hidden that we don’t know.


There is no such woman, and I don’t believe that could happen just like that.

That what make us left with a note, not to judge others easily.


We had enough of life that we need to care for. Each of us, have different upbringing and live life differently. We think differently. We choose to make decisions that we find best, suit the time and the needs.


At times, I myself wonder why a woman decided to stay with a husband who refuses to take the responsibility as the breadwinner of the family?

Some of us might wonder how can some woman agree to marry a man who already has two wives?


And to the extend, we get curious about the decision made by many other women about being single until the end of their life.


We wonder, we think and become curious about our life and other woman’s life too.

Have you experience that?

Have you ever thought the same, even for a split second in life?


I met a friend whom I know for the past 5 years. She is doing business quite well and I am happy to see her, as she will treat me the best meal in town.


Little that I knew, she is actually set in her schedule to meet me on regular basis simply to get herself motivated.


She said, “Well, I just need to hear what you wanted to say about what I tell you.”


In fact, in many meet up over lunch that we had, I don’t talk much. I simply asked some simple questions and tell her what my current situation is. In other words, there is no such thing as discussion or counseling for that matter.


Once she told me, “It is good to catch up with someone that always positive about life and the world around us.”


Indeed, we human make mistakes. As a woman with many responsibilities, we have a handful of issues to tackle everyday. Be it at workplace, at home or even in our own kitchen.


Again, I still have many things in mind. A list of dreams to achieve and even a life to survive is among the list that is alive until now.


I believe, as you read up to his line, you realized that my article this time, merely to inspire myself.


Yes. We tend to forget to motivate and inspire ourselves from within. Instead, we help other people first by solving their issues, helping them opening new doors for new opportunities just simply to gain some inner confidence.


We tend to think more about what others will think about us, just the same as what we think about others. We tend to make some thinking without any reasons, situations or fact to be referred.


There is also a strong believe, that makes many of us woman think in the same way.


We believe when we help others, our own problems and issues will be solved along the way.

We tend to work hard, in order to please others, with the intention to be at ease when it comes to our own situation.


Little that we know, we could lead ourselves drown into a deeper frustration and anger from other people’s issues that secretly we take as our own.


I guess, it is time for me to make decision for myself. And I believe, the time for you have come too.


Again, if you were to ask me again, “How much do you make for an article of 500 words?”, my answer could simply surprise you.


To end this article, I would like to ask a simple question.


“How many minutes does it takes you, to complete reading this article?”


  1. 5 minutes
  2. 3 minutes
  3. 1 minutes
  4. Sorry, I left even earlier.




Noraminah Omar
11.54 pm

3Ist October 2015




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