Sunday Edge : Preschool Business Management

Preschool Business Management: The corporate way?

Corporate is not about how an office is being set up.
Corporate is not about your business address.
Corporate is not about tie and suit.

Corporate management resolves around how things are being managed in the organization.
As small as a kindergarten or preschool centers with only 4 staff and 40 children, the management style is important to determine the future growth of the business.

Unless the founder has set a specific goal that the entity should remain and grow within a specific area and location of business, than the management style should be fine to be as what it is now.

The roadmap of a project or company need to be set and shared with the whole team.Share the story, get the purpose right. Our core values remain even when we are no longer there.

– Noraminah Omar

However, if the founder has a great and growing team, he might need to look at some options on how to grow the business and the people. Strive for quality and profit at the same time.

Corporate management to be put in a simple way is the management style which allows:
+ power to be shared
+ passing the power on the decision making
+ delegate the tasks

Working in a team has its rules to be successful:

+ Goals to be achieved are cleared
+ People are comfortable to take risk
+ Communication is made open and honest
+ Differences are cherished
+ New ideas and creativity are accepted and celebrated

What should it be?

+ The entity should be dependable.
Customers and the community able to rely and continue to trust them.

+ The investment by employee is equal to investment by employer.
Both employer and employee are determine to achieve the success of the school which mainly relates to quality services. Changes of employees and employer will not effect the customers.

+ Financial stability to pass all situations.
This will enable customers to enjoy facilities and services without interruption.

+ Value proposition is constant and this allows customers to managed their own expectations.

+ Leaders are grown among the people in the organization including the children.


Well, it is a choice that everyone need to make in business.
Growing in a way that is best suit the entity.

“You will only stumble when you move.”
Small is the next big thing!


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