A Letter for Preschool Teachers.

Dear teachers,

I was teaching children just like you. Yet, I have decided to venture into something new.

However, I believe that teaching is still the best job. Yes, I am still a teacher.
min di equine
Today is 1st October 2016. Many of us as teachers are looking forward for year end activities. It involves reports, completing lesson planes ad preparaing for our children learning experience in year end annual show and convocation.

For some of us, we are looking at our own achievement within the past 9 months to be evaluated.

Children are learning for almost 9 months since January this year.

However, how many of us realize the actual number of schooling days that our children went through?

Have you calculated yours?

Remember to minus the weekends, public holidays and the days that  our children are at home with their family.

Anak-anak bercerita

For 4 hours in each day, the children were exposed to many learning activities. It involves, physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, language, creative and aesthetic life experiences. The learning evolves around the children’s life and emotions. We know how tough and enjoyable the moments are!

At the same time, indirectly, parents and families are experiencing different life cycle and a family dynamic which changes along the way. Again, we know that communicating children’s progress to parents is another tough job.

As the children grow day by day, their experience transferred to their environment. This happens to everyone (which include us) as we allow them to express their emotions.

Some are expressive enough to show us through their kinesthetics abilities. We see them jump, climb and sometime scream.  Most of these actions of expressing emotions, makes many of these children being labelled as ‘hyperactive’.

min kelas 2

Some are telling us about what they feel through their imagination. They draw and tell us stories which lead them to be labelled as ‘daydreamer’ or playful. Some will have a non-stop verbal expression. Most of the time they were reprimanded to be quiet for being ‘noisy’ and ‘irritating’.

Yet, we as adult wanted to see ‘grade’ as an achievement. Many said, that the ability of a child to read at a higher level is the benchmark of a successful parents. The number of books completed become the main concern to evaluate a child’s performance in class.

The ability of a child’s to complete a mathematical equation is a great accomplishment. The fluency of a child’s reading is a GRADE of achievement.

Taman Kasih

How about a child who loves to create and innovate though arts?

How about a child who always be the best performer during role play?

How about a child who always able to calm down friends who are always in bad mood?

How about a child who always greet, respect and love their friends? How about a child who leave a mark in everyone’s heart with his story?

How about a child who loves to sing and remember all the lyric of any song given?

Are they a ‘loser’? Or, are they just children who need to be sent to a better school?

Anak menulis

Dear teachers and friends,

Let us review our children’s progress.

Have we done enough for them?

Have we polish our children’s ability and strength to the right channel?

Let us review our lesson plans.

Could it reach to the children with passion in art?

Could it be understood by children who learns better through their senses?

Could it be creative enough for those who always have stories in their mind?

Oh dear! It could so difficult to reach all of them.

However, it is best trying rather than saying no at the beginning.

aktiviti tadika little froggie

Dear friends,

Don’t worry. Your sincerity is in your lesson plans automatically.

Your instinct, will always enable you to reach to all level and types of learning in the class.

As long as a teacher’s heart is in you, each heart will be touched by you!

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