PRESCHOOL TEACHER : Quality, Qualification & Sincerity

I have been working in quite a number of preschools and kindergarten since year 2000.

I would like to say that no matter how good a system of any school is, it still nothing without good people in it.
It is all about people, people, people.

There are cases where, a system might not be suitable for all children and some children are just not being suitable to be in certain school environment.

There are  a few things that I would like to write about people (who are referred as teachers specifically) in any school environment.


1. Qualification : A qualified person NOT necessary can be a good teacher

In the governement ruling for kindergarten and preschools, it was stated that the minimum qualification for a teacher must me at SPM level. Recently, I came across some news stated that the qualification is upgraded to a Diploma level.

However, until there is a formal notice announced, I personally not very sure how true these news are.

I would like to share my personal experience during my teaching years. I had a friend before, who had 10 years teaching experienced and holds a Master degree. Of course, as a ‘newbie’ in a preschool teacher team, I looked up at her as someone who has experience and high qualification.

After 3 months working with her in the same school, I noticed that most of the children took her instruction seriously and her class management was very well. None of the children, messed up in her classroom and everyone was very obedient.

Later I found out, that she was very strict to the children that they did not even have time to enjoy, play and explore.
Some children was even being ‘physically’ punished unnecessarily!

min kelas 2

2. Skills: A highly skilled person NOT necesssary can be a qualified teacher

Certain skills are important to be a good teachers and to qualify to be one!
Technical skills will include language, IT and specific subjects matter such as Islamic education, Bahasa or Mathematics. Other than that, communication skills and self management skills are some other skills which added up to a personal value of a teacher.

Well, I have experienced working with a Principal who had 20 years of teaching experience and holds a Diploma in Montessori. She was a very skilled person in handling students and children.

In 6 months time working under her supervision, I noticed that she was no longer suitable to be a teacher.

As her skilled was at a higher level for so many years, it was a very difficult time for her to adjust her capacity when she need to teach the children directly by herself.

I understand her situation as she was a person who was doing supervision job for so long! She is no longer qualified to be a teacher.


Using books and pictures

3. Attitude: Sincerity is above the rest!

After a while, I totally understand what eaxclty lies beneath. It is all about attitude.
It is specifically about being sincere to the noble profession of being a ‘teacher’. What more as a preschool teacher, the first teacher in a child’s life!

How many people out there are sincere about choosing their profession as a teacher? To be more specific a preschool teacher?
Is it because they do not have other job?

Can not find other job?

Choose to have more rest days during school holiday?

Or just to get paid ontime?

Choose the teaching job because husband asked them to?

Choose the teaching job because parents asked them to?

They think the job is as easy as a,b,c?

At the same time, a question I would like you to answer yourself.
Do you look up at a preschool teacher?

Do you think a preschool teacher is great?

Do you ever put a respect for them as the first teacher in the child’s life?

Do you teach your child to pay respect to them?

How many times do you say thank you to them?

Do you ever expect from them too much?

How often do you think you talk and communicate ‘nicely’ to them?

Have you ever understand that they are just like you?

How far do you show your sincerity to the teachers?

Are you one of those, who belittle, shouted and screamed at your child’s preschool teacher?


Insyaallah, when we believe and confident with what we do, we will be successful. Sincerity will lead to a greater success. Success is not only for a short period, but it should be a continuos effort throughout our life.

Let’s be good people, be nice to solve problems and focus on solutions.

As a person who is also a mother, a teacher and a person who is carrying a bigger amanah in life,
we must have strong faith in ALLAH with sincerity!

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  1. Kadang-kala pelik apabila melihat anak kecil boleh duduk diam dan tertib, adakah ada teknik rahsia yang digunakan atau kerana faktor no. 1 seperti puan nyatakan.

    Suka perkongsian puan.

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