How Children can Learn from Folktales & Stories?

Many of us may think that children learn trough reading. Actually, everyone can learn trough stories without the need to read it. They must know how to listen!

Listening to stories will enable a child enhance his skills to imagine and explore. It gives ample chance to the children to be what they want to be and see what they want to see as they listen to stories.


There are some critical element in stories that can help children lean better.

1. Repetition.

In a story there will always be elements of repetition. Normally it could be words, phrases, actions and story line.

As this repeated, it gives impact to the children’s understanding and memory.

A simple example in Malaysian children is the cartoon character of Upin & Ipin which always repeat the words, “Betul, betul, betul!”. And Boboboi cartoon series where there is a character which repeats the word “Terbaik!”

The repetition made children remember and able to connect with the content of the whole story.


2. Sequence.

All story will have its own sequence. As it is a line or flow of scenes and incidents, there is normally a flow in the story which makes the mind able to follow with imagination.

It normally includes, introduction, content and closure. Content will have sequence element of action and effects which normally repeatedly mentioned.


3. Emotion.

Stories involve emotions and feelings. It includes abstract words which describe physical situation and as emotion. Example, tired, angry, happy and sad are normally well explained through actions and facial expression during storytelling sessions.

If you read the story, these feelings and emotions are felt by the reader as they follow through the story sequence.


4. Values.

Each story brings its own values to each listener or reader. One story might give different values for different listeners.

The more the story connect to the listener, the more values touch their life. Storytellers and writers will normally not telling readers or listeners the values of the story.

Most of the time they will lead them to think on how the story bring meaning to them.

In conclusion, we as adults need to support our children to be able to learn more from listening and reading stories.

It is all about the commitment toward being the best advocate for our children.




Kajang, 4.52 pm

30th October 2016


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