LIFE IS A STORY: My experience in Kolej DiKa

LIFE IS A STORY: My experience in Kolej DiKa


I remembered during the days when I was teaching in a preschool which was located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL. It was not an easy job, not having a preschool teaching qualification and proper trainings to be in a kindergarten. That was my first experience teaching as a preschool teacher, back in year 2001. Those years was gone.


With the energy and the luxury of time that I had (with little income), I realised that teaching is meant for me. Then I decided to get myself trained. This is when my learning journey in early childhood started. Along with the teachers training attended in my workplace, other programmes organised by educational institution was among the training I attended.


I personally attended short courses in private colleges as the fee is comparatively low. Furthermore, I can choose the topics of knowledge that I wanted to learn. Soon after, I found that I have so many pieces of puzzle, yet I can’t arrange them. Short courses was not enough. It does give knowledge and new skills, but they are all jumbled up.


Later, I attended Persatuan Tadika Malaysia’s certification programme which was among my first official training in early childhood. Though it was not exclusive and high in standard as compared to university level, the knowledge and skills are practical. I met a lot of new friends (whom I lost contact after so many years), and I learnt that there are many others who wanted to upgrade their teaching skills just like me.


During the graduation day, the opening speech was  the one I remembered the most. Among the key point, it was mentioned that one can’t expect qualification and trainings from such organisation. It can’t put us at the level as of other well academicians and university students who are taking Diploma and Degree in the university. But, the knowledge and skills, will enable those who received the certificate, to be a great advocate for the children.


After teaching for a few years later, I decided to enter in a new structured Teacher’s Training program which was offered by a new college in town. It was, Kolej DiKa.


During the time, I was teaching in an enrichment centre with my commitment as a wife and a mother of 2 children (and 4 stepchildren). I started my journey as the first batch of certificate program enrolled in year 2005.


In year 2006, I gave birth for my third child. I had to continue my practicum in year 2007, after my maternity leave ended. While some of my friends completed their certificate, I was still struggling with classes and course work.

I made an arrangement to take 1/2 day leave for 2 months to complete my practicum. I traveled daily from Kota Kemuning Shah Alam to Taman Tun Dr Ismail.


My PRACTICUM report. Thank you to Tadika Diyana, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.
My PRACTICUM report. Thank you to Tadika Diyana, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.


During that time, I was merely a busy mother (until now), and was having a full time job as a preschool teacher. The  decision to learn in a formal and structured learning environment become tougher.  When it comes to time, effort, energy and commitment in life, balance is the issue that first to be tackled.


It really depends on what we plan for ourselves. Once the programme completed, many of my friends did continue for a Diploma programme. But, I decided to continue working as preschool teacher.

Graduated in year 2007, I chose to be in the business industry. It was a great learning journey.

Shared below are some of my works during those formal learning days.


Some of my assignments in year 2005


I was not the best student. My grade was OK.
I was not the best student. My grade was OK.


A study that taught me what was there beyond an ordinary life.
A study that taught me what was there, beyond an ordinary life.


14699773_1248791451829837_399453269_n I was great to learn from lecturers of different background.


Ms Carmen is among the lecturers who always go for her extra miles when it come to teaching her students.



Among all, the experience was a memorable, meaningful and it completes my learning circle.

In Kolej DiKa, there was a mixture of students from all races.

This allow me to make my circle of friends bigger.

In Kolej DiKa, the lecturers gave their 100% effort to assist students, regardless whether there are experience or new lecturers.

In Kolej DiKa, my practical experience in my workplace, doesn’t become a waste. It really helps me to understand the subject better.

In Kolej DiKa, I did learn some aspect of social and politics in workplace, which enable me to be more adaptable among peers, friends and even the  management team of the college.

In Kolej DiKa, I have given the flexibility to choose the time and mode of study. Either night classes OR weekend classes OR the school holiday classes.

Above all, thank you to everybody who have been part of my life.

Truly, my short experience with Kolej DiKa was a memorable one. The learning process that I went through has contributed a lot to who I am today. I will strive to be as an advocate for our children’s learning.

Allah knows better. Do what best can we do. Have faith. Let Allah decide it all.

Life is a story. Experience and enjoy it.
The Story

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  1. Thank you for your honest review. I think I will go for Dika College as it sounds promising and experienced in the industry of early childhood education.

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