MY RUNNING EVENT DIARY 2018 – Bring it on 2019!


ENGINEERS MAKNA RUN | UNITEN, Kajang | 6.1.2018 | 7 KM

This was my 1st run of the year. I yet to get myself familiar with the routine and norm in a running event. I remembered that as I ran solo, I did not have much photos taken. I arrived after the warming up session. As far as I remember, I had the experienced seeing some runners running at a different route. I guess, while running, they realised that they can’t make it and decided to change to the shorter route.



SCHOMOS Charity RUN | 13.1.2018 | Taman Wetland Putrajaya | 5KM

This was the second run and I arrived very early. I remember that I had to wait long and have enough time enjoying the warm up session and cheering for the early runners flagged off. It was still new for me as I decided to come in solo and run as a whole group with the rest.

5KM was as bad for beginner.


RUNNING DIVA | IOI Mall | 28.1.2018 | 5 KM

This was the first time when I decided to join in with a new friends running and hanging around getting the official photographer to take photos. The run was at IOI Mall. This was when I realised that running in fancy costumes theme does not suit me.



KL WORLD URBAN RUN | 11.2.2018 | DATARAN Merdeka KL | 5KM

The run was organised for a specific occasion. I remember getting so amazed with the size of the medal. It was considered among the biggest medal that I kept.



IJN RUN | 4.2.2018 | Taman Botani, Kepong | 5KM


This was the most beautiful scenery of running that I can remember. There was lake, and the elders were exercising in the morning. I was lost in FRIM as I did not read the map location clearly. I ran after all other participants ran for 3 KM. I ran late…



Healthy Lifestyle Run & Ride | 24.2.2018 | Taman Wetland Putrajaya | 13KM

Guess what! This is the first time I ran the longest.



STANDARD Chartered KL Run | 8.4.2018 | Dataran Merdeka | 5KM

I remember joining for the sake of experience. 5KM is nothing compared to all the other runners of marathon. It was indeed a pleasure experience as it is the most prestige event every year and I had my chance to get myself be part of the event. Will definitely run again next year.



SCORE Night Run | Putrajaya, Dataran Floria | 5.5.2018 | 13KM

This was my first running experience during the night. Little that I know I had to have different preparation. It was not a pleasant expereience as many route were dark during the run. However, as many other runners around, it was not bad.

I end up running while my body slept…and the next day,

I ran in KEMENSAH…


KEMENSAH Trail Run | Kg Kemensah | 6.5.2018 | 10KM


The Kemensah Trail Run had the highest elevation of 200m which I knew, but got no idea how it would be. I badly tortured my feet as I was wearing my first and only running shoes. Oh dear! Trail run is fun BUT it taught me something that I can’t even dare to write.



SCORE Day Run | Dataran Merdeka | 22.7.2018 | 13KM

The SCORE run day edition was much pleasant and nice. The medal has made my day.

I remembered driving grab immediately after the run and quit on the next Monday.



UEM Engineers Run | UPM |  12.8.2018 | 10KM

UPM was close to my place, I decided to join simply because I was an engineer by profession though not practicing it. Again, my mistake. I did not study the route and I realised that I had to climb hilly road in UPM. Oh dear!


AIA Hearts Action Run | Putrajaya, Dataran Floria | 30.9.2018 | 10KM

This run was the most luxury run I experienced in the year. Sponsors of all kind of healthy snacks are available and I did enjoy it the fullest. As participants were considered few, I even had 2 bowls of free cereals that they served.


MPKj Half Marathon | 21.10.2018 | Taman Tasik Cempaka, Bangi | 10KM

I registered the run simply because reading one of my FB friends showing off his registration. I can’t remember how, but I ended up registering myself without much hesitation.



MRCA Charity Run | USJ One City | 18.11.2018 | 10KM

This run was a memory. I almost did not get my medal!  What?

Yes…Somehow at the finishing line a girl marking my BIB and I walked pass by not knowing where and what to collect. Later, I realised after asking other runners, medal is the string bag and I didi not get any! Luckily, I was among the few runners arrived and a numbers of the string bags are still available.

At last, there goes the bag and the medal. Happy me!



MY 1oK Farm Run | 2.12.2018 | Ladang UPM – De Centrum Mall | 10KM

I know the route was ‘ladang UPM’ and got the wisdom to check the route earlier. I guess I was much ready, BUT still I arrived among the last. Since it was the final run of the year, I was happy about the event and feel great about myself!


Running is about YOU and the mental battle that you face every time.

Regardless of the event, location and pace, it teaches you different lesson, even when you run in the same shoes…”




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