LEARNING IS A PROCESS and its never end.

We have challenges that we face everyday. In fact, that is what makes us alive and alert.
We may have a lot of things that make us awake at night.
And the same things make us sleep soundly most of the nights too!

Many may say, business is something which is not for everyone.
But, personally, I found that not everything is for everyone.
It is not only about doing business, but many other things too.
Not everything suit for everyone.
That is the fact that makes variety of things happens in our life.

Differences and changes ate the things that will always mingle around us.

Life indeed is a process for everyone to learn.
Moving towards 2019, I believe all of us has already many plans in place.
In could be the business planning, family and self improvement plan.

This article specifically about sharing what is planned ahead for 2019.
How do we normally go about it?


1.Examine our current status.

It may involve family and personal.
You may want to involve your spouse and other family members in planning.
You definitely need more than you yourself to make it work.
Find out how your personal plan can fit to your spouse’s plan and how best it can impact the family plan.

2. Look out for opportunities based on your unfair advantage.

As you notice, you will have your own advantage compared to others. Figure it out and work on it.
May it be very simple and look small, it may be another big thing that you can work on.
It could be your experience, skills, network and previous tract record.

3. Plan it out, take the first step.

It may not need anything fancy but the courage that you spit out the ideas and plan that you have.
Go and meet or ask some one you know that can support you to make it happen.
It may embarrass you and hit your pride to seek help from others, BUT most importantly you need to work out the plan.


What is your plan in creating new experience in your learning journal towards 2019?

This is mine.

After 7 years working at the initial stage of my ‘after graduate life’, I stumbled on an opportunity to start my own company in 2008. Thank you to my first mentor in education business for the experience which has made me a better person.

Finishing the phase, in 2013 I had made my way in taking another challenge of working with professional strangers.

And in 2018, another decision made to re-build another learning experience while keeping the goal of achieving better professionalism in becoming a support to other business individuals still in place.

Beyond training and consultation, there are a lot more to learn and practice.
As we had the experience, skills and knowledge, it will be best that we maximise by doing what best we can do.
Choosing the platform to do that and who will we be associated with, all depends on what we called ‘opportunity’ and decision that we made.


15.12.2018 : The firs preview of ABA PLANNING CLUB in ABA Malaysia’s office



During one of a discussion session with the President of ABA Malaysia, Coach Asri Jusoh


Another round of discussion with the CEO of ABA Malaysia, Coach Sham Afzan

and the Operation Manager of ABA Malaysia.


We learn to make professional decisions and be ready to take up the consequences and challenges that comes with it. It may be not the best for many, but that is the steps and decision that any of us need to make.

Either we stay put without changes OR move and take up the challenge to know what can it become when we put our focus and energy for it.

All of us have our own struggle, be it personal and be it business. Yet, life is what it is. Make it more meaningful by giving more support to others as the rest will come as what we work on. The balance, is always God’s will, in Allah’s hand.


May year 2019 be a better year for all of us.



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