What makes you excited in doing business?

We may have been in business for long. Some of us may find that we are not long enough in business. Some say that they are new, yet they are not and vice versa.

In any way, all of us may want to ask this question, at least for once.

“What makes me excited in doing business?”

As a business owner, we normally talk about passion, inspiration and almost anything about what we dream to be in business.

Yet, most of the time, we do loss our interest in a way. We may listened to may unpleasant stories from other business owners and friends in our circle.

Again, have we ever thought again, “What makes me excited in doing business?”

For each and everyone of us, we have our own aspect of excitement.

  • Some may think of having more outlets.
  • Some may want to have more partners in business.
  • Some may want to have more staff.
  • Some may want to have more sales.
  • Some may want to have more profits.

Regardless of any aspect that can excite us, the business that we manage, first will depends on how we think and how we work on what we think of.

In business, we always need to be accountable and responsible. Those results of what we take charge of, will be the most exciting of all.

We may think that spending an amount of RM70,000 a year for training is good. We may find that spending an amount of RM100K a year for marketing is right.

Regardless of what we may think, in business, figures from our business financial position will be the most reliable source that we can trust.

While wanting to do things right, we must be able to make the right things for our business. Only then, the excitement of doing business will keep coming without us knowing.

As much as we want to keep the excitement in doing business, the easiest way to keep it is by maintaining doing the right thing for our business.

Buckle up! Keep moving.

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