Building business OR building company?

Many of us as business owners are busy. Still, we need to sit back and make time to think of why we do what we do. It later will lead to a habit of manning on the business from time to time. 

Some of business owners, may realised that they are creating a new job for themselves rather than building a business. Instead, for some who has the maturity look further into building a company instead. 

Nowadays, as information travel fast, knowleged are easily to access. Thus, skills comes when the business owners ready to take it up. Some may not want to do it and prefer to remain as where they are now. 

Most business owners, after a while building a business, they realised that they need more controls and have a strong and stable business. 

The question here, as business owners, are we creating a job for ourselves, building our business or building a company? 

Let’s recap.

  1. Am I creating just another job for myself?
  2. Am I building a business?
  3. Am I building a company?

Are we ready to work on what it takes?

Building a business is simply focusing on what you do. You keep your focus on the business operation. Making sure the cashflow is alright, customers and staff are well taken care off.

As you building a company, you will work more on strategic plan. You will plan on how to structure the company.

You will start asking yourself questions like:

  • What kind of people do you need to have?
  • How much, what % is like needed to be put as saving on top of reserved to grow the business?
  • What kind of system need to be invested?
  • What are the plans for penetrating new market?
  • What are the plans of product expansion and develepoment?

2019, is the year to change. Let’s start with shifting the way we think.

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