As Business Owner, we are bound to have a ‘career’ of choice to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, we need to plan do it right without having to complaint or blame others when things do not go our way.

Being wise and matured requires time, commitment, willingness to learn and the ability to hold when necessary. It can’t be built overnight as it involves a lot of our time to discover and explore as we are exposed to life and the business life.

One of the most significant output for being wise and matured can be simplified by knowing when and how to say yes or no.

I encountered many Business Owners who have difficulty in making decision to say yes or no, which lead them entangled in speculations, misunderstanding and unnecessary argument. Some may find it simple, but many yet to be there. 

Take an example when you are in the middle of about to venture or on board of an engagement or business agreement. 

How long do you take to decide? 
If you do have concerns, how far do you go to get it cleared? 
In the event a proposal does not suit you, how much courage do you have to say no and letting the other party know?
If you receive a quotation and decide not to accept it, how willing you are to inform the other party before or when they do ask for your respond?

Most of the time, I found many simply ‘shoved’ things away and left a bad marks in the business relationship. 

It is time to move on, be wise and matured in building our business relationship. 

By Noraminah Omar, Kajang

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