Some people need help to live their life. The need guidance, they need rules and framework to perform. Yet, in the current state of living, we need to adjust and adapt accordingly.

My rules are simple. If we don’t have it, create it. If we have it, improve it. If we have done all, keep alive and keep improving.

Some of us may not able to perform well if not given full information. Instead of waiting, search for it.
Some of us may get lost without map. Instead of waiting someone to give, find the direction yourself.

Best of all, prepare one and ask to seek advise from the people that we find best, who is in the first place should give it to us. This may sound simple, but I use these rules whenever I entered a new ‘kingdom’ to explore.

Many intrapreneurs face similar challenges. While some are more matured, the young ones may find it difficult to adapt. Yet, life is a challenge and we should take it up to its expectations.

Again, the rules are simple.

1. If we don’t have it, create it. 
2. If we have it, improve it. 
3. If we have done all, keep alive and continue to improve.

By Noraminah Omar

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