For many business owner, they do start off their business with what they have. Many are with skills while not having enough capital. As they move on, many succeed in their own way.

Some grow by using their profits to increase their capital and reinvest in the business. Some struggling to change the ‘luck’ that they got in business, while some not knowing that the past success achieved was merely ‘luck’.

Can we move from ‘luck’ and build a business?
Yes, as long as we are willing to learn. One of it is to learn on living with uncertainty. What can we do?

1. Be a leader who lead. Be someone who prefers to take action.

2. Ready for changes and keeping the momentum while acknowledging that anxiety is normal and natural.

3. Be passionate about getting the team to be involved, be more open even when you decide to change, admit it openly.

4. Keep your focus on what is ahead as past things can be fixed. Move on ahead and make things better (right).

5. Be wise not to get swayed by little things, take ‘first thing first’.

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