Leadership in business always linked to the performance of the company. While profit is not the only result of great leadership, people tend to view effectives leaders for those who managed to achieved incremental target of the company’s bottom line.

Below are some of the needed skills to be an effective leaders:

1. Planning.
Able to adapt to changes by having a plan for it. Planning is a skill. People can learn to be a better person in planning.

2. Build better people skills. 
This involves the ability ro be observant, communicate effectively, motovating others whila being able to adapt himself in challenging situation.

3. Self mastery is another important skill. 
Those who are able to understand and manage himself, will likely able to understand others and therefore leading them.

4. Dare to make decisions, tough decision.
Having said of many things in life, making choices, decision and taking accountability on the results are also a skill which many can learn.

5. Able to work with others objectively.
A leader will not be able to come out the best ideas by himself. Being able to collaborate by giving focus on what can be achieved, what can be done, making the decision and planning it right, contributes as an all in factor.

Being a leader is not about answering quizzes and questions, but rather the significant results from our actions. It is not solely on profit and the increment in bottom line, it involves people’s lives and growth of the organisation.

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